The request

Re-design website and branding with in house developer to increase sales and enhance the user experience. Also, create content with in-house digital marketing team.

The challenge

Going after both the discount shopper and luxury market was a challenge to design and write copy for. However we found that designing for the discount shopper often brought in the luxury shopper because of the brand of product we were offering.

What we did

Using our competitor analysis and data on the company for the last couple of years, we re-designed the website to meet the customer needs. We also automated as much as possible with email and sms communication to get customers answers and information right away.

We found that specific products sold extremely well so we created our own similar private label version that often became best sellers. Managing everything the design to the marketing of the private label products allowed us to tailor it to the luxury market.

The result

Over 8 Million dollars generated on the first Cyber Week with the new website. We were able to get social media posts scheduled over 45 days ahead of time so we could focus our departments time on researching and building out new campaigns.

Services Accomplished

Marketing, Video Production, Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography

Improved ordering experience and less returns

Significant design and user experience updates have vastly improved usability of the website for businesses ordering uniforms.